Roy E. Schepp

“Heaven is Her Home”

Belva Irene Hess
April 3, 1934 – August 26, 2020
Belva was my only sister
And special as could be
We shared together brothers
Yet Sis spent more time with me.
The Lord did make His Calling
And Sis did so reply
Yes, she is on her way to heaven
So far up in the sky.
I know that I shall miss her
Though the many memories I’ll retain
She helped me in so many ways
More than I can explain.
We grew up in the Midwest
Where lots of snow did light
Yes, and she beat me often
When we had a a snowball fight!
One day I pray we’ll meet again
In that Kingdom in the sky
I know for sure I’ll think of her
Each day that passes by.


Little Brother “Roy”

September 2020


"Time to Wake Up"

The City of Richmond is not united
for its citizens have too many views,
yes the only thing they are sure of
is that they will make the nightly news.
It's clear that the tourists are aware
and their presence is sure to drop
allowing protestors to block the main streets
makes even locals afraid to shop.
They think by removing monuments
that their history will change
well history shall remain history
so that thought is kind of strange.
Yes and changing the names of many schools
is for sure a big charade
this will not help the children having trouble
for to get a passing grade.
You can put these children in a 2nd street school
one that has lots of class
yet the ones that can't study because of the name
still most likely will not pass.
The leaders are giving in to the protestors
on just about every little whim
still will they help to pay for all of this
the chances are quite slim.
Now their schools are rated very low
and the teachers need more pay
yet the city is making history
in much the very wrong way!
                         - Roy E. Schepp

"Is it Fair"

In traveling one sees lots of things
that to most I'm sure amaze
yet you wonder how their pets feel
on these overheated days.
Now you're traveling down the freeway
or a scenic tour there and about
well you may be enjoying all you take in
but your pets would like to get out.
Well of course its an inconvenience
yet you knew of this ahead
they didn't need to make this journey
for you could have left at a shelter instead.
Yes I'm sure you’d get an earful
if your pets could only talk
most would like to decide for themselves
when to get up, lay down or walk.
Now their not always ready to eat and drink
just because that's what you say
yet you're responsible and have to try
for from home you're now miles away.
Yes do yourself a favor of sorts
no matter what you may hear
give your pets a vacation too
and leave them at home next year.
                         - Roy E. Schepp

"Just Looking Back"

I can still remember my school days
and the routine I went through
yet the resemblance to those days gone bye
today they are but few,
We used to wake up early
for the breakfast mom would prepare
she knew she didn't have to
but she showed her loving care.
Then we hurried up to get ready
for the bus coming down the hill
I never cared for busses then
and probably never will.
We made it to the school on time
with a little time to spare
yes then we sat in our assigned seats
so the teacher knew we were there.
At the end of the day when the bell did ring
we made our plans for home
now I had books and homework in my hands
but I was not alone.
Just as soon as I stepped off the bus
I started on my chores to do
for the most part there weren't many
yet at times they added a few.
In a short time we were called inside
for the evening meal was prepared
together by mother and father
still showing us they cared.
We all filled up rather quickly
and left the table one by one
there was no free time for fun and games
until our homework all was done.
Well nite time was upon us
and another day ahead
we said our prayers and got our hugs
then all did go to bed.
Now if this method was used today
school problems could be solved
hold back cell phones and video games
and let the parents get involved!


                         - Roy E. Schepp

Let OLE Glory Fly

No greater sight can we behold
Than our own Red, White and Blue
Yes unfurling from a pole top
Noting freedom for me and you.
We owe this display to all the veterans
Who have fought on thru the years
In their dedication lives were lost
and many familes brought to tears
Yes we fly the flag with deepest respect
For our soldiers then and now
Yet sometime we don't do justice
Not by flying it but how.
We take our car fast to the shop
If it seems to need repair
Still I know of a flag that's seen by most
Waving shredded in the air.
Now I don't know the procedure
But there must be some nice way
One could ask the before mentioned
To change the flag they've on display.
I'm sure it's not intended
And to their knowledge might not know
Yet I hope soon it's discovered
So our Stars and Stripes will flow.
Roy E. Schepp

“Time for Signs”

All newspapers list the candidates
And tv reports them as well
Yes even the radio mentions each
As far as I can tell.
Well now we have a question
I’m sure asked many times
Since the big three reaches everyone
Why do we need those stupid signs?
They just clutter up our City
Plus ruin the beautiful countryside
It’s an expensive way to litter
And some landmarks they do hide.
Now perhaps they could put a limit
On the amount placed on each street
Yes put one here and maybe one there
At least make it halfway neat.
If it’s these signs that convince the voters
Of the proper candidate
Then the road to recovery of our nation
Will a long time have to wait.
Yes put the signs in a recycling bin
And mix them together at will
Then dump them all in a special landfill
Which we can call Political Hill!
                         - Roy E. Schepp

"I Do Believe"

Even though the pandemic has spread throughout the world
and racial equality has spread unrest
I look up towards the Heavens
for I am truly blessed.
Now for sure I have health problems
as most can readily see
yet if I look around a bit
there are many with more than me.
I have deep faith that keeps me strong
and flower gardens too
the lilies are blooming everywhere
creating a beautiful view.
Yes nature is my comfort zone
which all of us do need
I've many lovely song birds
and squirrels that I feed.
We are all in this together
a fact we should understand
show love and true compassion
when holding out your hand!
                         - Roy E. Schepp

"Memorial Day"

It's a day set aside for remembering
those who before and after have went
fighting for the need of our country
wherever they might be sent.
Men and women, young and old
It mattered not you see
a highly trained military
trying to keep us free.
They have fought in strange surroundings
and many lives have been lost
now some were only wounded
but for us, still paid the cost.
One can't feel pain or anguish
these men and women all went through
yet we can honor them for what they did
for the freedom of me and you.
We can hold in our hearts the memories
of thousands that have died
yes and pray for the many wounded
who lost comarades by their side.
Now war is never over
and battle never won
the loss of the lives ere will remain
long after the fighting's done.
                              Roy E. Schepp

"This One's for You Mom"

I know that you're up in heaven
Yes so very far above
Still each day I do think of you
And send you all my love.
For years you meant the world to me
And invariably you still do
Yet so many things I think of now
I should have said to you.
I know that you can hear me
And I think just yesterday
The image of your face I saw
As the clouds did roll away.
Now I 've done the best I'm able
Though I owe much to you
Yes you nurtured me for so many years
Then blessed my going too.
Mothers like you are very special
And showing appreciation can't wait
Now mother I fell far behind
So it came about to late.
Well each year they honor mothers
Or those that claim to be
Yet you're the best of all the rest
And always were to me.
                         - Roy E. Schepp

"Where Did Spring Go?"

Now everywhere the greenery
far as the eye can see
yet where did the spring go
would someone please tell me.
Yes spring time with the yet cool nights
though signs that summers coming soon
it could be brisk in early morn
but quite warmed up by noon.
The trees were shedding all old leaves
and piles were raked where e're you'd go
yet I being from the Midwest
would wait til the wind did blow.
Now I know the neighbors were shouting
though it wasn't really at me
I feel they were just excited
at all the new leaves they'd see.
Yes springtime I did really miss
after waiting for a year
lets hope when winter next is gone
that springtime will appear.
                         - Roy E. Schepp

“Keep Both Eyes Open”

Well it is the time of giving
And of the taking too
There’s so many requests for helping out
What ever can we do?
Now one can usually spot the needy
Or a damsel in distress
Yet at times before contributing
It is good to second guess.
Each day we see some make attempt
To ply finds for a need
Still so many of them overlap
And at this one should heed.
Why don’t the secondary groups
Join the initial one in force
They could still have many wagons
But the need of just one horse.
You’ll find there are a lot of groups
All willing to help out
Still check out what each will provide
Then you can donate without a doubt!
                         - Roy E. Schepp

"The Big Three"

Every day we can feel their presence
for it seems they are wverywhere
yes, if needed, it is such a comfort
knowing 'twenty-four-seven' they will be there.
Many hours they're away for their families
but this is the debt they must pay
they all devote their time for our safety and care
and all do this every day.
The Police Department, Fire Department and Rescue Squad
risk their lives for one and all
they know not what danger they'll meet
when they answer any call.
Giving thanks to them is not so hard
And it is never too late
So why not start the day off right,
let them know we appreciate!
                         - Roy E. Schepp

“The Thanksgiving Way”

Did it only happen yesterday
Or perhaps a whole lot more
Whereby you received so many gifts
What you never had before.
Now did you just feel deserving
Or look to as a blessing from above
In essence did it help in any way
For you to show your love?
Thanksgiving is a day of Grace
That exemplifies to share
A day for you to show the world
How for others you do care.
Your cup don’t need to run over
No ample sure will do
Just include someone in the harvest
That may have less than you.
Yes open up your eyes and see
There are many with the need
Some for more clothing on their backs
And those who have the lack of feed.
It won’t take you a long time
For those in need to find
Yet don’t wait for their gratitude
Just because you were kind.
Yes many are quite humble
So will look at as a debt
Still way down deep they’re thankful
And appreciate to get.
You give of want and from the heart
And try to be sincere
One never knows in passing time
What you may need next year.
                         - Roy E. Schepp

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"Will They Finish?"

Had a couple of tourists at my house
though they decided not to stay
you see the streets near by are tore up
and have been for many a day.
Now I don't recall any notice
in the paper or on dot com
letting residents know of the hazards
and believe me there are some.
You can not utilize the two lanes
for one is like a ditch
yes and after bouncing from hole to hole
it is hard to tell which one is which.
Well I'm not against improvements
and when it is time they must be made
yet I hope the City keeps us in mind
when they want out taxes paid.
Now some outside help I'd recommend
even with a grant or two
you see the City it bothers not
but it does both me and you.
                         - Roy E. Schepp

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“A Real Change”

Years back I fixed the broken
or let’s just say I tried
now days it doesn’t make much sense
to all I must confide.
You pay for parts or service
which both are now too high
for less than the cost of repairing
you can another buy.
They have the warranties figured out
almost unto the day
so to get extended coverage
is a wasted fee to pay.
What do we do with all the extra parts
this system does create
we fill up the junkyards and landfills
and they raise your garbage rate.
Parts stores will go out of business
for no longer is the need
yes our high tech technology
means more than what you read.
So now when something breaks down
I look for a place to throw
for I can buy another cheaper
than to fix it, don’t you know!
                         - Roy E. Schepp

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“Some Warm Thoughts”

With the temperature being very hot
And the humidity extra high
To find some pleasant entertainment
One really has to try.
Now every day is an adventure
So I turn to center stage
I try and do all the things I can
For people of my age.
I fixed breakfast on the sidewalk
With my tow eggs over light
Then I fried the strips of bacon
Until it was crispy to the bite.
Well the eggs ended they ended up scrambled
When I  tried to make them flip
I shoud have first fixed up the bacon
So the grease would have made them slide.
The likes are not impossible
With the heat we’ve had of late
Yet the city didn’t appreciate
The mess I did create.
Yes this venture was a wipeout
Outside cooking on my knees
Yet if the temperature continues to rise
I’ll be trying a grilled cheese!
                         - Roy E. Schepp


“I’ve Lost It”

It seems I no longer have the passion
For my friends I know in need
Yes I’ve now something of my own
That has come to intercede.
I hope they will forgive me
For it’s  not that I don’t care
No it’s just there are sometimes in life
Feelings are hard to share.
Now when again I’m able
I’m sure I will return
Yet this has taught me how in life
Each day we live and learn.
Yes I never thought that in my time
This would ever happen to me
Still once that I had cleared my eyes
It wasn’t hard to see.
The Good Lord let me ride along
For years at a good pace
Then he took my Saddle and my Spurs
So I can no longer race.
Well I’ve been Blessed throughout the years
And have no right to complain
Yet I am human so leave no doubt
With me some still remain!
                         - Roy E. Schepp

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“Almost Home Again”

I took a short vacation
from all the fun that I call work
yes yesterday or the day before
I seemed to have lost my perk.
Now I’ve seen doctors almost every where
more then I knew we had
yet still I get those mood swings
the good days and the bad.
Your many cards and letters
and the prayers I’ve entertained
I appreciate without a doubt
thought I may have forgot your name.
I have one more place to go
and I pray it be my last
yet after you pass thirty nine
it’s just hope that all is past.
I know the Lord is with me
yes right here by my side
yet even with His comfort
it’s been a rough ride!
                         - Roy E. Schepp
(Editor's Note: Welcome Home, Roy. Godspeed on a quick recovery! I hope that you feel much better soon. -Jay)

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"Up, Up and Away"

It would be nice to be a Senator or Congressman
if only for one day
just to hop on their new super jet
and go to some special hide-a-way.
Yes we put these people in office
after they said they'd look out for us
well they are up there flying
while we're waiting for the bus.
Its not just you, but also me
these politicians so impress
yet it seems after each election
we get in a greater mess.
Why not a probationary period
like most people have on their jobs
perhaps this would make it a little harder
to get friendly with the capital fobs.
What they do on their own we do not know
and what they do for us; it's much later we find
now you may not agree, but in time you shall see
my assessment of them has been too kind.
Yes start them all at a minimum wage
and let them earn their keep
I'm sure the Government debt would go down
while you and I are asleep.
                         - Roy E. Schepp

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“To All the Fathers”

Now some will call him father
While others call him dad
Still some call him by his first name
But wish they never had.
Yes a father is an elite position
And should be treated with respect
In the same thought all the fathers
Should never show neglect.
A father will get the credit
For the children he helped bear
Still a fathers not a father
If when needed, he’s not there.
The duties of a father
Can make a list from here to there
Yet the most important aspect
Is for the raising chores to share.
In the home life a father is needed
Around the campfire so to speak
Solving problems before they materialize
And ever reach their peak.
Now if in the aferementioned
You come close in any way
Your are definitely a father
So please enjoy your special day.
                         - Roy E. Schepp

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"Memorial Day"

It's a day set aside for remembering
those who before and after have went
fighting for the need of our country
wherever they might be sent.
Men and women young and old
it mattered not you see
a highly trained military
trying to keep us free.
They have fought in strange surroundings
and many lives have been lost
now some were only wounded
but for us, still paid the cost.
One can’t feel the pain or anguish
those brave men and women all went through
yet we can honor them for what they did
for the freedom of me and you.
We can hold in our hearts the memories
of the thousands that have died
yes pray for the many wounded
who lost comrades by their side.
Now a war is never over
and a battle never won
the loss of lives will e're remain
long after the fighting’s done!
                         - Roy E. Schepp

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Why do some call their mother "Ma"
and maybe some use "Mom"
it's because she is so many things
and those two are just some.
Yes in early life she nurtured us
and made us quite aware
that in this strange world of growing up
we had somewone to care.
She made our meals
and played with us games
yes and at she never put to bed
without kissing us goodnight.
Mom took us to practice and the games
and told us to have fun
dad never knew till we got home
whether we lost or won.
Each year they have a special day
and this is rightly so
yes when dad is busy or at work
to who else could we go.
A mom shouldn't have to wonder
how you feel about her each day
so take the time and tell her
a very small price to pay
                         - Roy E. Schepp

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“Wake Up Call”

Yesterday I passed a large vacant lot
though I can’t tell you where
you see if the city finds out about this
they’ll want to put a hotel there.
Now we’ve already the accommodations
for the tired tourist trade at night
worn down from listening to the whistle blow
and trips to the park to fly their kite.
Just drive around our city
and see the presence of decay
they’re opening up small stores everywhere
but few of them will stay.
The most won’t show a profit
for the rent is much too high
perhaps the need to compromise
or the willingness to try.
The signs all tell the story
and are in our tourist view
for sale, for rent and moving
plus going out of business too.
Now some time ago I mentioned
about my friends, Billy Bob and Sally
they stayed one night; then told their friends don’t stop
for they have no bowling alley.


                         - Roy E. Schepp

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"Pass the Patience"

Now patience hath no young boy
at least so I've been told
yet patience may be the last remain
when like me; you do get old.
Yes patience for at least to try
doing things you done well before
then there's patience just to move around
for it now takes a while more.
Patience with all of your friendships
for those once close; may now seem strange
yes during the length of time gone by
some of them did also change.
Have patience with your aches and pains
that may follow you each day
your strength and body of the past
has no quarantee to stay.
Always be patient with those around you
for the most don't understand
yet one day they'll be in your boat
and rowing with one hand.
                         - Roy E. Schepp

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“(Weather)-2 (Farmers)-1”

One can wager on your favorite team
and there might be times you win
yet if you bet on the weather
your chances are real thin.
Yes the weather changes often
leaving many farmers sick
it matters not the crop abundance
if the fields are too slick.
It’s a challenge for most of them
needing rain when it is dry
then when it’s time to harvest
it’s too wet to even try.
One must give the farmers credit
for all the obstacles they face
each and every year they enter
but only a few will win the race.
Farmers never know the ending
though all may start quite well
yes from day to day and year to year
the weather casts its spell.
Now the farmer is the backbone
of the good ole U.S.A.
yet the government and the weather
determines what he does every day.
                         - Roy E. Schepp

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"Looking Past the Problem

I read an article the other day
that should open up some eyes
explaining why you can’t blame motorists
for each pedestrian that dies.
Now all of us have problems
no matter what we say
yet laws have to be written
for each one to obey.
Using cell phone is a car or truck
you still have some control
still steering a bicycle with just one hand
hit a bump and away you go.
Now Pedestrians pop out from the side of the highway
so very much like deer
you don’t know which way they’re headed
until you are quite near.
Very seldom do they look both ways
to check if all is clear
no most enter the highway; with their head down
and a cell phone in their ear!
                         - Roy E. Schepp

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“Wake Up Time”

From whom do we collect taxes
When our citizens move away
Yes and what incentive do we use
To encourage them to stay.
There is constant talk of tourism
And the Big Role it could play
Then we closed that gate on thousands
When the Pork Festival went astray.
Now it would be nice if you got what you wanted
Then we all would join in for a cheer
Yet may I suggest in the mean time
To do something for those that live here.
We need to go out of town for good shopping
And to get a good meal as well
Yes that is where I see the most of you
Though you know that I won’t tell.
You’re filling up the vacant stores
With things we do not need
Yet what about the recreation
That would be good indeed.
I’m certain there are ways and means
For the problems we have to solve
Still if we don’t take action now
More trouble it will involve.
                    Roy E. Schepp

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“Do We Need Outside Help”

I found a phone number the other day
but I didn’t know whose it was
well I thought ig over for a minute or two
then I gave it one long buzz.
Now I know it rang once or twice
then a knock came to my door
they said they’re from problem solvers
yet had never been here before.
They said if you have a problem
first you have got to explain
then they will call people in the know
and they even work in the rain.
Well the Council all have telephones
and indeed it is worth a try
why not ask them to call problem solvers
before another year goes by.
Well we must not have the skilled labors
that problem solvers so rely
yes or why can they not fix a pothole
somewhere before the third try.
The spring is almost upon us
and summer just around the bend
yet our buildings and streets are still messed up
what is the message we send.
Now the boarded up buildings with broken windows
has for long been a dreadful sight
if they can’t find a law of who fixes
find the owner before he takes flight.
Well thank you tourists for once more stopping here
at least to spend the night
if and when Council calls problem solvers
maybe next year we’ll be rid of the blight.
                         Roy E. Schepp

Miesten kengät laajasta valikoimasta

“Pesky Varmints”

A mole has a very hard nose
to help it burrow underground
leaving those ugly ridges
which in our lawns are found.
Moles tunnel beneath the surface
searching for grubs and insects too
in a way not too well thought of
but they do it for me and you.
They help aerate the soil
which for so long has been packed
leaving their trails everywhere
looking like the dirt was stacked.
Then they’ll travel through the freeway
or thru the tunnels if you will
eating grubs and other insects
until they get their fill.
Yes they eat the grubs that eat the roots
of the grass seed we have sown
they also eat many of the insects
that chew the leaves from the plants half grown.
Now the vole is so much different
in oh so many ways
they will jump around like a kangaroo
and can make you laugh for days.
The humor in their presence
won’t last for very long
just take one look at your flower beds
and you’ll wonder what went wrong.
Yes voles eat the flower bulbs you plant
leaving open spaces galore
your flower garden won’t shine so bright
unless you plant some more.
Now the moles a pest to say the least
but they’re mainly just passing thru
yet the vole will take up residence
and spend many months with you.
Under thick mulch beds; or mounds of leaves
they can for long survive
making sure that they are present
when your first spring bulbs arrive.
You can catch a vole with a mouse trap
and for the mole , just dig a deep hole
just don’t give up on the first try
it takes patience don’t you know.
          Roy E. Schepp

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"Be My Valentine"

It seems like I have waited forever
for this special day to come
I have some words to say to you
and I'm sure that you have some.
We've known each other for so long
yet time has went swiftly by
I've seen you smile with pure delight
and have also seen you cry.
Yes life goes on with our without
us making special plans
it's best that we some patience show
and the rest leave in God's hands.
I've loved you from the very start
and more and more each day
it seems that you do feel the same
for you sure do act that way.
You are quite special in my life
and with you I love to share
I'm sure that you know but I will remind
that I do truly care.
Yet I still have one question
for this sweet love of mine
tell me darling you'll say yes
and be my Valentine!
                    Roy E. Schepp



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