Deanna Davison

For-Profit Colleges Leave Many Students with Big Debts

‘Bamboozled’ ITT Tech Grad Saddled with Massive Debt, Subpar Degree

Legislators, Advocates Show Support for Medicaid Expansion

‘Safe Virginia’ Task Force Will Address Gun Violence

VCU Gun Violence Panel Gets ‘Beyond the Politics’

International Women’s Day Ralliers Say ‘Women’s Time Has Come’

As College Tuition Rises, Senate Panel Kills Bill Mandating Public Input

House Panels Reject LGBTQ Anti-Discrimination Bills

House Passes Sexual Harassment Policy

Gun Control Bills Die in Virginia House of Delegares Subcommittee

Businesses May Get Tax Credits to Train High School Students

Gov. Northam Delivers Message of Hope in Inaugural Address

Senate Democrats Announce Legislative Plans

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