Belva Irene Hess

“Heaven is Her Home”

Belva Irene Hess
April 3, 1934 – August 26, 2020
Belva was my only sister
And special as could be
We shared together brothers
Yet Sis spent more time with me.
The Lord did make His Calling
And Sis did so reply
Yes, she is on her way to heaven
So far up in the sky.
I know that I shall miss her
Though the many memories I’ll retain
She helped me in so many ways
More than I can explain.
We grew up in the Midwest
Where lots of snow did light
Yes, and she beat me often
When we had a a snowball fight!
One day I pray we’ll meet again
In that Kingdom in the sky
I know for sure I’ll think of her
Each day that passes by.


Little Brother “Roy”

September 2020

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