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August 2108


To the Editor:

This letter is written in support of the candidacy of Mr. Richard E. Pearson for the Board of Supervisors’ Special Election in the Belfield District of Greensville County.  I write this letter on behalf of the City of Emporia and Greensville County Democratic Committee.  It is rare that this committee endorses any one candidate in a local election, further, a special election, and in particular a candidate that has opted to run independently.

Typically, our committee has the option to set on the sidelines and allow each committee member to focus on their particular candidate of choice in a contested local election or endorse a candidate that would reflect the committee’s sought direction for its community.  This is NO typical year, we have opted to do the latter in the person of Richard E. Pearson!

Upon the early resignation and untimely death of the late Honorable Dr. Margaret T. Lee from the Belfield District’s Board of Supervisors seat our committee was approached by several candidates seeking our committee’s endorsement and support.  The only fair way to wholeheartedly support any candidate was to interview each potential candidate; each interested person was asked to appear before our committee and share their vision and future for Greensville County and our region, provide answers to questions about their commitment to this community and its people, and finally answer questions from the committee’s interview panel.  To that end, it was the UNANIMOUS consensus of our entire committee to support Richard Pearson to run for the Belfield District Board of Supervisor’s seat in the special election this November. 

Mr. Pearson is an outstanding business man in this community and in our region.  He is civic minded and a staunch supporter of the communities of Greensville County and the City of Emporia.  As a dedicated member of Mount Calvary Baptist Church, he serves as Deacon.  He is a person on whom you can rely…if he says it, he means it and will get it done!

Above all else, he is concerned about the future of Greensville County and its citizens, in particular his fellow citizens in the Belfield District. As Belfield’s Board of Supervisors’ representative he will be proactive in keeping the concerns of his fellow citizens at the forefront of the board’s agenda and he assures action. He is concerned about this area’s lack of employment and limited job opportunities.  He will work tirelessly to insure a bright future for the county’s youth and foster a place of pride so that our brightest and best may return home to limitless employment and excellent careers with an educational system second to none.

As Chairman of the Emporia-Greensville Democratic Committee, I write to promise that our committee is 1000% behind the candidacy of Richard Pearson and commit our energies as one body to guarantee his election to this seat.  We have been divided in previous elections but those days are assuredly over – that was a history which has taught us all valuable lessons.  We no longer look to the past but build upon it for a brighter and more prosperous future in Greensville County with Mr. Richard E. Pearson!

Now is the time to take ACTION! I ask you to join me in committing your support to elect Richard Pearson to the Belfield District in Greensville County on Tuesday, November 6, 2018!  The polls open at 6:00a.m. and close at 7:00p.m. Looking forward to seeing you there!

If you are not registered to vote it’s not too late to take action now and be counted and remember - If you don’t vote you ONLY have yourself to blame!

George E. Morrison, III, Chairman, Emporia-Greensville Democratic Committee

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***UPDATED*** Virginia State Police Canine Looses Life in Shootout Following Pursuit on I-95


Update from Thursday, August 2, 2018

The Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in Richmond, Va., has positively identified the individual who was shot and killed in Sussex County on Wednesday (Aug. 1) as Tramaine Marquese Poole, 41, of New Haven, Conn. The Virginia State Police investigation into the shooting remains ongoing at this time. The Virginia State Police is most appreciative of the assistance and support provided by the New Haven, Conn. Police Department during the course of the investigation. 

In relation to VSP K-9 Vader... State police is currently working on arrangements for a memorial service to honor Vader. Please stay tuned.

"Our canine program is essential in so much of what we do as a Department to achieve our public safety mission," said Colonel Gary T. Settle, Virginia State Police Superintendent. "We are all deeply saddened by the loss of Vader and are forever grateful for his sacrifice and selfless service to the state police and the Commonwealth. For our canine handlers, their dogs are more than just a partner on the job. They are their protectors, their constant companion and confidant on the road. Vader was family."  


At approximately 8:18 a.m. on Aug. 1, 2018, a Virginia State Police trooper was traveling north on Interstate 95 in Sussex County when he identified a vehicle that had been reported stolen out of Connecticut. The trooper activated his lights and siren to initiate a traffic stop on the vehicle. The vehicle's driver refused to stop for the trooper and sped away.

A pursuit was initiated north on I-95 during which time an individual in the suspect vehicle began shooting at the trooper's vehicle. Sporadic shooting by the pursuit suspect continued as the stolen vehicle headed north on I-95 and then took Exit 24 for Owens/Route 645 in Sussex County.  As the stolen vehicle approached the intersection of Loco School and Bell roads, Virginia State Police positioned themselves to stop the stolen vehicle.  The pursuit suspect continued firing at the state police vehicles. One of the suspect's bullets pierced a K9 trooper's back passenger window and struck a state police canine riding in the back seat compartment. 

Once the stolen vehicle was stopped, state troopers engaged with the suspect and shots were fired. The male suspect died at the scene and will be transported to the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in Richmond, Va. for examination and autopsy. Virginia State Police are still working to confirm the shooting suspect's identity.

An adult female passenger in the suspect vehicle was transported to a nearby hospital for treatment of minor injuries. She has been treated and released.

No troopers were injured in the course of the incident.

The state police narcotics detection canine, Vader, did not survive his injuries. Vader was a 2-year-old Belgian Malinois and had graduated from Virginia State Police Narcotics Detection Training in December 2017.  

In accordance with state police policy regarding officer-involved shootings, three troopers have been placed on administrative leave. 

The investigation remains ongoing at this time.

Multiple reports have identified the deceased suspect Tramaine Marquese Poole, 41.

New Haven Police Chief Anthony Campbell told the New Haven Register that Poole was wanted for the murder of 28-year-old Tyekqua Nesbitt who was shot to death in front of her two children in New Haven, Connecticut on May 31. Poole was also wanted in New Haven for the first-degree shooting assault of his wife on May 7.


The identy of the suspect has not been comfirmed by the Virginia State Police..

Photos are the property of the Virginia State Police, which grants permission for their publication/broadcast.

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The Virginia State Police has issued a Critically Missing Adult Alert on behalf of the Martinsville Police Department on Aug. 1, 2018 at 4:35 p.m. The Martinsville Police Department is looking for John Alee Wimbush, an 88-year-old, black male, height 5’ 06”, weight 176 lbs, with brown eyes, and black/gray hair.

He was last seen wearing, a blue shirt, jacket and blue jeans. He also uses a cane to walk. He is believed to have been abducted and in danger. He was last seen on Aug. 1, 2018 at 10:28 a.m. on Forest Street in Martinsville, Virginia.

He is believed to be with Valerie Vianna Swinson (AKA Valerie Vianna Condell), a 59-year-old, black female, height 5’ 08”, weight 167 lbs, with brown eyes, and black/blonde hair. She was last seen wearing a black and white striped tank top.

They are believed to be traveling in a 2017 Nissan Pathfinder with an unknown registration. Their possible direction of travel is I-81 north to I-95 north to Fort Washington, Maryland.

Please contact the Martinsville Police Department at 1-276-403-5328 if you have seen Mr. Wimbush or have information about his whereabouts. Complete information on this alert can be found at

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"Look Up"

Do you look up towards the heavens
after you do solemnly pray
well that is where the rain comes from
and it's always been that way.
Yes it's not the weather channel
where they play their guessing game
that decides just who will soon get wet
while others remain the same.
Now the farmers are quite patient
immensely more than I could be
they know what's needed to suatain their crops
yet can only wait and see.
Each year is very much the same
and their hours never end
the sunshine most is ample
still the rain the Lord must send.
Now the farmer tils the soil
and then does plant the seed
in hopes the crops will flourish
for our big world to feed.
Yes so say a prayer for a farmer
you need not know his name
the efforts of his toil each day
is not a simple game.
                    Roy E. Schepp

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