“Don’t Wait”

Our service men and women
Provide in a special way
The peace and freedom we enjoy
As we go about each day.
They do not count the hours
Or where the time is spent
All represent the U.S.A.
Where ever they are sent.
Some are young, while others are old
But all of them are brave
In different battles, different wars
They give their lives to save.
We do not know their danger
Or the pain they may go thru
Yet it’s certain that we can all say
They’re doing it for me and you.
Someday a son or daughter
A husband or a wife
Your best friend or a neighbor
Could lose their lease of life.
Don’t wait for a special time of place
To give them the credit due
Give thanks and praise on every day
And pray they all come through.
                         - Roy E. Schepp
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