“The Thanksgiving Way”

Did it only happen yesterday
Or perhaps a whole lot more
Whereby you received so many gifts
What you never had before.
Now did you just feel deserving
Or look to as a blessing from above
In essence did it help in any way
For you to show your love?
Thanksgiving is a day of Grace
That exemplifies to share
A day for you to show the world
How for others you do care.
Your cup don’t need to run over
No ample sure will do
Just include someone in the harvest
That may have less than you.
Yes open up your eyes and see
There are many with the need
Some for more clothing on their backs
And those who have the lack of feed.
It won’t take you a long time
For those in need to find
Yet don’t wait for their gratitude
Just because you were kind.
Yes many are quite humble
So will look at as a debt
Still way down deep they’re thankful
And appreciate to get.
You give of want and from the heart
And try to be sincere
One never knows in passing time
What you may need next year.
                         - Roy E. Schepp

The Godspeed Project at Jackson-Feild

A resident at Jackson-Feild Behavioral Health Services (JFBHS) confided to Chaplain Robin Moore that prior to her placement she had no home and no place to sleep. The girl’s plight touched Moore’s heart and motivated her to act.

The Godspeed Project originated as a partnership between the Spiritual Care Program at JFBHS and Carson United Methodist Church in which the Women’s group graciously made and donated thirty pillowcases. Each pillowcase is unique and stitched with love; perhaps these ladies were thinking of their own children/grandchildren when they worked on putting the pillow cases together. The project seeks to supply each resident with a new handmade pillowcase to keep and take with them as they move on to the next place they will lay their head.

The Godspeed Project also includes an effort to partner with churches throughout the Greensville region to collect new, unused hard-sided suitcases to be offered to residents upon discharge so that they can pack their belongings instead of putting them into a trash bag, as is the case with so many youth.

Pillowcases and suitcases might seem insignificant, but they provide a sense of normalcy to those receiving and using them. They are tangible reminders to the youth that they are valued as human beings and will not be forgotten as they move on in their lives.

JFBHS welcomes churches and parishes to join in the Godspeed Project. If your church would like to help, please contact the Rev. Dr. Robin Moore at rmoore@jacksonfeild.orgor  434-594-7909.

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