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Local Students Receive Honors

President’s List, Summer 2014

To be eligible for the President’s List a student must attain a cumulative grade point average of 3.50 or higher, complete a minimum  of 20 semester hours at SVCC, attempt six or more hours during the present semester and be enrolled in a curriculum at the college.  Local students recognized on the President’s List for the Summer  2014 are:

Local Students making the President’s List were:

  • From Emporia: Tammy Goddard, Kim Graham, Jessica Harris, Debra Norwood, Amber Woodard, Roland Weaver, Kristen Moseley, Felicia Jackson, Heather Veliky and Jennifer Watson.
  • From Jarratt: Candice Harding and Mary Bailey. 
  • From Skippers: Brittany Moody and Ceilidhe Brown.
  • From Lawrenceville: Makayla Evans, Garetta Johnson, Madison Browder and Monica McMillan.
  • From Freeman: Darrell Stewart, Marsha Hays and Sherwood Harrison.
  • From Stony Creek: Theba Bellamy and Patricia Castillo.
  • From Yale: Marsha Granderson.
  • From Brodnax: Kadesya Rainey.

Provost’s List, Summer 2014

To be eligible for the Provost’s List a student must achieve a composite average of 3.2 on courses attempted during the semester, attempt 12 or more credit hours during the present semester, and be enrolled in a curriculum.  Local students recognized by the Provost at SVCC for the Provost’s List at the end of the Summer 2014 are:

Shaquanna Morgan of  Lawrenceville, Faith Merricks of Stony Creek, Marsha Pearson of  Valentines, Melinda  Houle of  Brodnax and Krystal  Cheely of LaCrosse.



Angela Marie Carter, author of  Memory Chose A Woman’s Body, will speak at a Meet the Author event at the Christanna Campus of Southside Virginia Community College on Wednesday, September 24, 2014.  She will be speaker at a 12 noon event in the John J. Cavan Workforce Development Center and again at 6 p.m. in the Howell Library on the Alberta, Virginia campus.  The public and students are encouraged to attend.

Quoted from where her book is sold, “Memory Chose a Woman’s Body is a poetic memoir, one woman’s harrowing yet hopeful story of harm and healing. The poems, each powerful as stand-alone works, are a journey of self-discovery, an epic tale of finding one’s way and voice. Angela M Carter navigates uninviting terrain with the skill and grace of a veteran truth teller. Memory Chose a Woman’s Body is a ray of cleansing light directed at the dark corners of the human heart. It is an offering of sisterhood to survivors of all kinds.”

Carter is a graduate of SVCC.   She got involved with student art and literature and helped to organize the SVCC Arts and Literature Festival featuring writers, artists and musicians.  Because she was going through turmoil in her personal life, she welcomed the involvement and escape through college life. A young mother, writer, motivational speaker and surprisingly strong woman wonders what her life would be like if she had not attended SVCC

During her years at SVCC (1999-2001), the college offered a Study Abroad Program in which students could travel to the University of Bath in England to study for a semester.  SVCC offered scholarships to the program and one was offered to Carter. 

“I was not the typical person to receive this, but I feel it was just meant to be,” she remembers.

After what transposed in England, Carter notes that she is afraid to consider what her life would be like had she not gone.

Carter notes that the trip to England was her first escape from the grim specter of a childhood stolen and the first chance to discover her true self. As a child, Carter had encountered abuse by a non-family member. Her own parents were not aware of the long-standing effects, and toll it had taken on her life, until the last few years.

“For the first time in my life, I could be who I wanted to be, I could be whoever I chose to be and I chose someone who I am really proud of,” she says with confidence.  Before she felt bullied, controlled and diminished, a country girl but now, she was a scholar. 

Carter blossomed in England, was mesmerized by the country and the classes and after returning to the United States to get her life in order, she went back to England on a work visa.  She met her husband and they lived there for five years and have two daughters.  Returning to the U.S., she received a Bachelor’s degree from Eastern Mennonite University and now lives in Harrisonburg, VA.

For more information about the event, contact Bernadette Battle at 434-949-1049 or


Former Governor McDonnell and Wife found Guilty

In a verdict yesterday afternoon from the Federal Courthouse in Richmond former Governor Bob McDonnell and his wife Maureen were found guilty on multiple corruption counts.

Both former Governor McDonnell and his wife faced 13 charges for multiple gifts and favors from Businessman Johnnie Williams.  Williams himself was given immunity in exchange for his testimony against the McDonnells.  The gifts and favors included well over  $100,000 in cash (including $15,000 for wedding catering), a little over $3,000 spent on golf outings for the former Governor and his sons, thousands of dollars in designer clothing for Mrs. McDonnell and the infamous Rolex watch purchased for the Governor.

The charges came to light after the McDonnell family accused the Chef at the Executive Mansion of stealing food and equipment from the Mansion after they allegedly told him to take the materials in return for catering for the Governor’s family.

Count 1: Conspiracy to Defraud the Citizens of Virginia of their Right to Honest Services by Use of Interstate Wires - The McDonnells were accused of secretly using the governor’s official position to enrich themselves and their family by soliciting payments, gifts, loans and other things of value from Jonnie R. Williams Sr. and Star Scientific in exchange for promoting, legitimizing and obtaining research studies for Star Scientific’s products. Prosecutors alleged the actions deprived the citizens of Virginia of honest services by their governor and that the scheme was partly carried out through electronic communications.  Both were found guilty.

Count 2: Use of Interstate Wire Communications to Further Schemes to Defraud the Citizens of Virginia of Their Right to Honest Services.  The evidence used to support this charge was the May 26, 2011 electronic transfer of a $15,000 check from Jonnie Williams's Starwood Trust to the McDonnells for wedding catering.  Both were found guilty.

Count 3: Use of Interstate Wire Communications to Further Schemes to Defraud the Citizens of Virginia of Their Right to Honest Services.  This charge was brought based on an electronic transfer of a $50,000 check from Jonnie Williams's Starwood Trust to the real estate company owned by Robert McDonnell and his sister on March 12, 2012.  Both were found Guilty.

Count 4: Use of Interstate Wire Communications to Further Schemes to Defraud the Citizens of Virginia of Their Right to Honest Services.  Porsecutors alleged, and the Jury upheld that the May 22, 2012 electronic transfer of $20,000 from Jonnie Williams's Startwood Trust to the real estate company run by Robert McDonnell and his sister was also a violation of the law.  The Governor was found Guilty while Mrs. McDonnell was acquitted.

Count 5: Conspiracy to Obtain Property under Color of Official Right alleged the the McDonnells conspired to use the governor's office to obtain property to which he was not entitled from Jonnie Williams and Star Scientific.  Both were found Guilty.

Count 6: Obtaining Property under Color of Official Right – on May 23, 2011 The McDonnells received a $50,000 check from Starwood Trust to which they were not entitled.  Both were found Guilty. 

Count 7: Obtaining Property under Color of Official Right – on May 23, 2011 The McDonnells received a $15,000 check from Jonnie Williams's Starwood Trust to which they were not entitled.  The check was used to pay for catering at a daughter's wedding.  Both were found Guilty.

Count 8: Obtaining Property under Color of Official Right - $2,380 in greens fees, caddie fees, goods, dining at Kinloch Golf Club on May 29, 2011.  Both were found Guilty.

Count 9: Obtaining Property under Color of Official Right – also for greens fees, caddie fees, goods, dining at Kinloch Golf Club on January 7, 2012: $1,424.  The Governor was found Guilty while Mrs. McDonnell was acquitted.

Count 10: Obtaining Property under Color of Official Right for a $50,000 check from Starwood Trust to the real estate company co-owned by the governor and his sister on March 6, 2012.  Both were found Guilty.

Count 11: Obtaining Property under Color of Official Right stemming from the May 22, 2012 check from Starwood Trust for $20,000 made payable to the real estate company co-owned by the governor and his sister.   The Governor was found Guilty while Mrs. McDonnell was acquitted.

Count 12: False Statements for Governor McDonnell’s failure to disclose his debt to Jonnie Williams. Specifically, on Oct. 3, 2012, Robert McDonnell submitted a personal financial statement to TowneBank which failed to list loans from Williams. Mrs. McDonnell was not charged and the former Governor was found Guilty.

Count 13: False Statements – Both the former Governor and his wife were acquitted on charges that they failed to disclose a loan from Jonnie Williams. Specifically, on Feb. 1, 2013, Robert and Maureen McDonnell submitted a joint loan application to Pentagon Federal Credit Union which did not show $120,000 in loans from Williams.

Count 14: Obstruction of Official Proceeding alleged that Mrs. McDonnell impeded grand jury investigation. In March 2013, Mrs. McDonnell sent a handwritten note to Jonnie Williams, trying to make it appear she and Williams previously agreed she would return designer clothes, rather than keep them.  Former Governor McDonnell was not charged in this count.

The former Governor was offered a plea deal in December, but refused.  Had he accepted the deal, he would have only been charged with one Felony and his wife would not have been charged at all. 

“I am deeply saddened by the events of the trial that ended in today’s verdict, and the impact it has had on our Commonwealth’s reputation for honesty and clean government,” Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe said in a statement.  One of the first Executive Orders issued by Governor McAuliffe was a strict limit on the value of gifts to himself, his family and members of his administration.

Former Virginia Governor and current Senator Mark Warner called it “a sad day for Virginia.” “I have known and worked with Bob McDonnell for more than 20 years, and my thoughts today are with Bob, Maureen, and their children,” he said in a statement. “I urge all Virginians to keep the McDonnell family in their prayers.”

Robert McDonnell is the first Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia to be charged, tried and convicted of a felony for his actions while in office.

(Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore)

Governor McAuliffe sets September as National Preparedness Month in Virginia

Join America’s PrepareAthon! by taking action to prepare for emergencies

RICHMOND – Governor Terry McAuliffe has recognized September as National Preparedness Month in Virginia, calling on families, business owners and communities to take specific steps to be ready for emergencies.

“Most Virginians know they should be prepared for emergencies, but they haven’t completed an emergency plan or participated in an exercise or drill to test their plan,” said Governor McAuliffe.  “It’s never too late to get ready, so I encourage all our people to take at least one action during September to make sure our families, businesses and communities are prepared for the next emergency.”

Among the most important actions people can take toward disaster preparedness are:

  • Sign up for text alerts/weather warnings that may be offered by your locality.Download the free Ready Virginia app for iPhone® and Android™.  Features:Weather warnings issued for your location by the National Weather ServiceA customizable emergency plan that can be easily shared with family and friendsA checklist for gathering emergency suppliesCreate a family emergency communications plan. Decide how and where everyone will meet up with each other if separatedChoose an out-of-town emergency contact for your family and give that person’s phone number to each family memberMake a sheet of emergency contacts and post it in visible places in your home and workplace.  Don’t rely on your smart phone or online contact lists.Get a free emergency plan worksheet at or or use the new Ready Virginia app.Talk to an insurance agent about flood insurance.Most homeowner’s insurance policies do not cover flooding; renters and business owners also can get flood insurance.Just one inch of water in a mid-size home or office can mean $20,000 in repairs.Go to or call 1-800-427-2419 for more

This year, National Preparedness Month features a day set aside specifically for taking actions to get prepared for emergencies. September 30 has been designated America’s PrepareAthon! Day.  To sign up for America’s PrepareAthon! go and register how you will take action to prepare in September.

EGRA JV Renegades shut down the swarm of South Hill Yellowjackets

By Craig Allen

On Saturday August 30th the EGRA Renegades faced off against the South Hill Yellowjackets in their third contest of the 2014 season.  The Yellowjackets would receive the ball and  their first possession would start on the 35 Yard Line.  Their first play would see and offside penalty for five yards, then Jayden White would cause a fumble which was recovered by the Renegades own Anthony Brown.  On  2nd down  and 10 to go Jayden White  had a nice 25 yard run but a fumble on the next play would be recovered by South Hill.  With a 1st and 10 South Hill would see some strong defensive pressure by Christopher Rodgers and Kemory Sykes.  The First Quarter of the game would end scoreless.   In the Second Quarter the Renegades started to pick up steam with a 14 yard run by Kemory Sykes, a 9 yard run by Kamarja Hewitt, and a 1st down carry by Emari Brown.  Looking at a 1st and Goal to go, Jayden White would hand the ball off to Deshawn Moore, who would score his first Touchdown of the season.  Tremaine Hill would follow up with a successful conversion to make the score 7-0.  On the Yellowjackets next possession starting at the 48 yard line, the Renegades would shut down their Offense with a nice tackle by Jayden White.   After a turnover on downs by the Yellowjackets, the EGRA Renegades would take over the ball on South Hill’s 48 Yard Line.  Emari Brown would receive the ball  on the first play of the Renegades possession and carry it all the way to make it 13-0.  Cody Flint would attempt a kick but was unsuccessful and the 2nd Quarter would come to an end with the Renegades leading 13-0.

In the Third Quarter, South Hill would kick off to Emporia in which an  onside kick was recovered by the Renegades.  Looking at a 1st and 10 Coach Mandel Featherston would have the play go to Emari Brown who would catch a nice pass from Jayden White to put it in the endzoneTremaine Hill would have a second conversion attempt to make the score 20-0.  The Yellowjackets would once again struggle to score due to some excellent  defensive pressure by the Renegades and the Third Quarter would come to an end.  Although the Fourth Quarter would remain scoreless, the Renegades Second String Offense would move the ball deep in the Yellowjackets territory including a nice carry by Tremaine Hill and a 11 Yard pass reception by Tyson Garrett but they would  eventually turn the ball over on downs.  The Clock would run out  and the Final Score 20-0 in favor of the Emporia Renegades. 

The next game for the Renegades will be on Saturday, September 6th at 4pm at Central of Lunenburg High School.  Thanks for coming out and supporting our Team.


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