"Time to Wake Up"

The City of Richmond is not united
for its citizens have too many views,
yes the only thing they are sure of
is that they will make the nightly news.
It's clear that the tourists are aware
and their presence is sure to drop
allowing protestors to block the main streets
makes even locals afraid to shop.
They think by removing monuments
that their history will change
well history shall remain history
so that thought is kind of strange.
Yes and changing the names of many schools
is for sure a big charade
this will not help the children having trouble
for to get a passing grade.
You can put these children in a 2nd street school
one that has lots of class
yet the ones that can't study because of the name
still most likely will not pass.
The leaders are giving in to the protestors
on just about every little whim
still will they help to pay for all of this
the chances are quite slim.
Now their schools are rated very low
and the teachers need more pay
yet the city is making history
in much the very wrong way!
                         - Roy E. Schepp