"This One's for You Mom"

I know that you're up in heaven
Yes so very far above
Still each day I do think of you
And send you all my love.
For years you meant the world to me
And invariably you still do
Yet so many things I think of now
I should have said to you.
I know that you can hear me
And I think just yesterday
The image of your face I saw
As the clouds did roll away.
Now I 've done the best I'm able
Though I owe much to you
Yes you nurtured me for so many years
Then blessed my going too.
Mothers like you are very special
And showing appreciation can't wait
Now mother I fell far behind
So it came about to late.
Well each year they honor mothers
Or those that claim to be
Yet you're the best of all the rest
And always were to me.
                         - Roy E. Schepp