"Is it Fair"

In traveling one sees lots of things
that to most I'm sure amaze
yet you wonder how their pets feel
on these overheated days.
Now you're traveling down the freeway
or a scenic tour there and about
well you may be enjoying all you take in
but your pets would like to get out.
Well of course its an inconvenience
yet you knew of this ahead
they didn't need to make this journey
for you could have left at a shelter instead.
Yes I'm sure you’d get an earful
if your pets could only talk
most would like to decide for themselves
when to get up, lay down or walk.
Now their not always ready to eat and drink
just because that's what you say
yet you're responsible and have to try
for from home you're now miles away.
Yes do yourself a favor of sorts
no matter what you may hear
give your pets a vacation too
and leave them at home next year.
                         - Roy E. Schepp