“Time for Signs”

All newspapers list the candidates
And tv reports them as well
Yes even the radio mentions each
As far as I can tell.
Well now we have a question
I’m sure asked many times
Since the big three reaches everyone
Why do we need those stupid signs?
They just clutter up our City
Plus ruin the beautiful countryside
It’s an expensive way to litter
And some landmarks they do hide.
Now perhaps they could put a limit
On the amount placed on each street
Yes put one here and maybe one there
At least make it halfway neat.
If it’s these signs that convince the voters
Of the proper candidate
Then the road to recovery of our nation
Will a long time have to wait.
Yes put the signs in a recycling bin
And mix them together at will
Then dump them all in a special landfill
Which we can call Political Hill!
                         - Roy E. Schepp